Some months ago I came across an old sneaker that is not worn anymore. It was a Nik Air with some special purple and orange facets.
The question is what I should do with it. Throw them away or try something new? I have decided to create something new. To cast a sneaker in concrete seemed like a good idea.
And off we went. Just get some creative concrete and some wood at the next hardware store. The first thing to do is to build a rectangular form, then mix the concrete and off you go.
Pour out the form and press the sneaker into position.
After about 48 hours the concrete was dry. Now the wooden mould had to be removed. Afterwards I sanded the concrete slab with sandpaper to remove the biggest unevenness.
The next step was to partially expose the sneaker. For this I used a hammer and chisel. Afterwards I could start painting the plate. I did this with the Molotow «all for one» acrylic markers. Sometimes several layers were necessary because the concrete absorbs a part of the paint.
With this the work was done. Considering that this was the first try I am satisfied with the result.
Try it yourself. If you have any questions, write me.