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Sneaker in concrete

Some months ago I came across an old sneaker that is not worn anymore. It was a Nik Air with some special purple and orange facets.
The question is what I should do with it. Throw them away or try something new? I have decided to create something new. To cast a sneaker in concrete seemed like a good idea.
And off we went. Just get some creative concrete and some wood at the next hardware store. The first thing to do is to build a rectangular form, then mix the concrete and off you go.
Pour out the form and press the sneaker into position.
After about 48 hours the concrete was dry. Now the wooden mould had to be removed. Afterwards I sanded the concrete slab with sandpaper to remove the biggest unevenness.
The next step was to partially expose the sneaker. For this I used a hammer and chisel. Afterwards I could start painting the plate. I did this with the Molotow «all for one» acrylic markers. Sometimes several layers were necessary because the concrete absorbs a part of the paint.
With this the work was done. Considering that this was the first try I am satisfied with the result.
Try it yourself. If you have any questions, write me.

Saky3 in Detroit

In 2017 I was on my way to Winnipeg to visit friends and watch some hockey games of my beloved Jets. Since the Detroit Red Wings played their last season in the aging Joe Louis Arena this year, I wanted to take the opportunity to make another trip to Detroit.
From Toronto, where I had to make a stopover anyway, it is only a short drive to Detroit. So I grabbed a rental car and set off.
I used the time until the game to have a look at the city. A drive over the 8 Mile and a visit at Hardcore Pawn were also part of my little roadtrip. There was even a photo with Less Gold in it.
Afterwards I went all over the city and the outlying districts. On this occasion I also found some nice and special pieces.
But the most impressive and saddest were the old dilapidated factories. I would have loved to explore the buildings a little bit. But I couldn’t do that quickly, also because the ruins are still guarded.
The conclusion of my Detroit trip is that Detroit is definitely worth a trip. Especially since the city is clearly on the way to a better future. The development will be exciting.There are plenty of walls waiting for a new coat of paint.

SAKY3 in the woods

In the woods

What you see here is my first attempt to paint on foil. The suggestion came from my buddy «Seime23» who has some experience with it. I was pleasantly surprised how well it works. The paint sticks extremely well and there are almost no drips. Also the many folds which are inevitable when stretching the foil are no problem.

The whole thing took place on a hot summer day in the afternoon. In the forest it was more comfortable than somewhere on a concrete wall. The only problem I noticed in the evening were the 30 or so mosquito bites. Maybe long trousers would have been a better idea. But who puts on long pants in this weather?

I can only recommend you to try spraying on foil. The foils are available in every well sorted graffiti store.